Tuscan wine, olive oil and saffron from Corte di Valle Tuscan villa

Corte di Valle accommodations in Tuscany

Chianti classico wine, extravirgin olive oil and saffron
from Corte di Valle Tuscan winery

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plus our own pure saffron and saffron-flavoured edibles!

Chianti classico wine

Extravirgin olive oil

Tuscan saffron

Our wine cellars are available for guided tours leading up to tastings of our wines in our shop – Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, Vindia, an I.G.T. blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon matured in small oak barrels, and Vinsanto, all accompanied by the corresponding local products.

Corte di Valle wines, grappa and olive oil
Our spumante, wines, grappa, vin santo and olive oil.

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Saffron was an important crop in Tuscany, especially around San Gimignano, during the middles ages but by the beginning of the renaissance less expensive imports from the east had caused a major decline in saffron production in Tuscany. However, in recenet years, saffron has been rediscovered as a crop that thrives in the climate and soil of Tuscany, and here at Corte di Valle we harvest saffron from our own crocuses, and offer for sale both intact saffron threads as well as pasta, biscuits, honey and other local products flavoured with our own saffron.

Saffron crocus
Saffron crocus

Saffron harvest at Corte di valle
Saffron harvest at Corte di valle

Tuscan saffron
Tuscan saffron

Tuscan saffron-flavoured local products
Saffron-flavoured local products available in our shop.

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